For the past 4 decades, RSF Hytek has been adopting ultra-modern infrastructure & technology, as is the necessity in the domestic & international customer convenience market, to develop highly hygienic & safe products. Their plant is designed to ensure manufacturing of quality product in a dust & insect free environment. Combining the finest efforts from their skilled & experienced team who give their best in bringing together topnotch technology & creative designs, RSFHT rose to be the most innovative company in the industry. The revolutionary company is focused on creating economically – friendly as well as superior quality products to satisfy their customers’ everyday needs. RFS Hytek understands the importance of customer satisfaction in earning loyalty & success for its brand & products. Hence, they bring to you only the best of the best present in the market.

RSFHT has gained a powerful reputation of being one of the best aluminum foil manufacturing companies in the industry, serving all the prestigious clientele globally with 14,000 metric tons of aluminum foil production capacity, on a yearly basis.


RSF Hytek aims to be the most innovative & trust worthy brand in the consumer convenience products category. They want to establish themselves in the domestic & international market, adding value & ease of product use for their valuable consumers. They aspire to set benchmarks in manufacturing & environmental care while focusing on their customers first. RSFHT intends to grow into a socially sensitive company, marked by the brilliance of their quality products, achieving breakthroughs in manufacturing through intensive R&D in the industry.


RSF Hytek was established with a mission to put their customer satisfaction above all by delivering finest quality products which are environmentally safe all across the globe. Despite their success, they are striving to sustain in the industry which stands for combining hygiene with technology.

RSFHT aims to be a pioneer in all endeavors which promotes consumer happiness & social & ecological responsibility in their industry. They have the mission to deliver the highest quality possible while focusing on viable growth. All this has ensured the progress & transformation of RSFHT from its humble beginnings to the stature it has attained today. RSF Hytek has made every effort to lead in their tradition of manufacturing high standards products with the help of their highly skilled & dedicated team.

Our Values

As a brand RSFHT gives principal value to –
  • Understanding & enhancing every single client’s personal experience with their products.
  • Building a base of mutual trust with their customers by supplying them with only the best products available in the market.
  • To consciously safeguard their environment & ensure feasible continuity of the non-renewable natural resources.
  • Always be open & devoted to their customers & partners & maintain complete transparency with them.

What we Do

RSFHT offers multiple world class quality products. They build all their products to be bacteria & dust resistant. RSFHT offers uniquely innovative solutions to meet the requirements of their customer base.

How we do It

RSFHT manufacturing plants are fully equipped with multiple quality control divisions. This ensures a firm control on quality & helps double up their production capacity. With a financial firm footing, RSFHT is growing globally into one of the leading companies in the industry.

Who we are

From the outset, RSFHT has always believed in conducting extensive research to get ahead in the market compared to their competition. This extensive focus on R&D has helped them to offer the best solutions to their prized customers. RSFHT products are sold in several countries across the world. They are the proud supplier for thousands of customers, globally.

We Care

Not only their customers, but RSF Hytek also takes extreme care of their employees. They make sure their employees are safe & content. They strongly believe that only content employees can produce work which satisfies the customers.


RSFHT plans & scans the safety measures being taken by their employees when working to ensure a sound working environment for all who step into their manufacturing plants.


No great job can be achieved without carefully orchestrated teamwork. That is exactly the motto RSFHT follows. They have worked on & solved innumerable problems that have stood in their paths as one single unit. This legendary teamwork has been one of the main reasons for their global success.


RSFHT believes strongly in maintaining complete transparency not only with their customers but also their employees. They have always worked towards providing their employees with the highest possible work ethic & opportunity of growth.