alu freshh

Premium Quality Manufacturer of FMCG Products

RSF HYTEK PVT LTD. is an aluminium foil manufacturing company holding renowned place in industry over the Years with a Sturdy mindset of serving the best-in-class quality products mainly in Foil industries globally
RSF HYTEK PVT LTD was formed with a vision to contribute in the Consumer Convenience Products Market with expertise in the foil industry and products through the brand Alu-Freshh
Today we have a strong Brand recognition both in Domestic as well as in international market due to emphasis on high quality standards, consistency in service and on time delivery to our customers. We pride ourselves in being a customer driven company.
At RSF Hytek the Management of the Company along with the Marketing Team Constantly strives to analyse the Customer needs, matching it with the specialised Product of high-quality standards
Our prime production facility is spread over 5.25 lack sqft which is located in Vadodara, Gujarat, INDIA. Our Core Material i.e., Aluminium has high Conductivity, is Corrosion Resistant, Non-toxic, easy to cast and 100 percent recyclable.

Why Choose Us


We Care

Not only their customers, but RSF Hytek also takes extreme care of their employees. They make sure their employees are safe & content. They strongly believe that only content employees can produce work which satisfies the customers.



RSFHT plans & scans the safety measures being taken by their employees when working to ensure a sound working environment for all who step into their manufacturing plants.



No great job can be achieved without carefully orchestrated teamwork. That is exactly the motto RSFHT follows. They have worked on & solved innumerable problems that have stood in their paths as one single unit. This legendary teamwork has been one of the main reasons for their global success.



RSFHT believes strongly in maintaining complete transparency not only with their customers but also their employees. They have always worked towards providing their employees with the highest possible work ethic & opportunity of growth.

Our Vision

RSF HYTEK’S vision is to be recognized as a leading company in the FMCG product’s Market while strengthening its competitive advantages, based on its flexible operation, quality focus and customer-oriented approach

With innovative product proposals and investments in cutting-edge technologies, the company aims to contribute to the development of the industry and anticipate future challenges to meet the growing needs of its customers, operating in demanding markets.

Our Values






We plan today for the future and we invest in innovation in order to be the leading and preferred partner of our customers. We support their success since we respond to customer needs with products, solutions and services that provide additional value to their activities

We stimulate and cultivate our employees’ talents, our unique advantages and excellent cooperation with customers in order to penetrate and develop new markets, as well as to offer innovative and excellent quality products that are environment friendly. We aim at the long-term strengthening of our position among the leaders of the global market.

We participate to the development of our industry by realizing ongoing investments in order to cover the needs of our high performing international customers. At the same time, we operate guided by our commitment to make an ongoing, responsible and positive contribution to the economy, the society and the environment.

What we Do

RSFHT offers multiple world class quality products. They build all their products to be bacteria & dust resistant. RSFHT offers uniquely innovative solutions to meet the requirements of their customer base.


How we do It

RSFHT manufacturing plants are fully equipped with multiple quality control divisions. This ensures a firm control on quality & helps double up their production capacity. With a financial firm footing, RSFHT is growing globally into one of the leading companies in the industry.


Who we are

From the outset, RSFHT has always believed in conducting extensive research to get ahead in the market compared to their competition. This extensive focus on R&D has helped them to offer the best solutions to their prized customers. RSFHT products are sold in several countries across the world. They are the proud supplier for thousands of customers, globally.